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  • A breakdown of each Call of Duty: Ghosts map showing players the areas they should target for optimal results, where to play from in various situations, what playing styles are best suited to each map, and which weapons, equipment, perks, strike packages, and killstreaks are best for each individual map.
  • An analysis of all the guns in the game, making suggestions for various playing styles and discussing the optimal weapons to use on a map-by-map and gamemode basis.
  • An analysis of every piece of equipment, perk, strike package, and killstreak making suggestions on what players should use based on playing style, game mode, map, and much more!
  • Videos showing the best Call of Duty players around playing the game, doing amazing, and talking about their strategy.
  • Tips on how to improve your game, the best ways to practice, where to find clans to join, and a ton of other information!

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Content Release Schedule

Nov 12th- Map breakdowns completed.

Nov 19th- The gun-by-gun breakdown will be completed.

Nov 26th- Anaylsis of the equipment, strike packages, perks, and killstreaks will be online.

Other content, which may include articles on strategy, tips & tricks, videos, and more will be added weekly. 

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